Jessica has always been based in the country and currently operates from her studio at Malting Farm  in Suffolk. This is where she strives to produce the perfect headwear for her clients. She has a true eye  for colour and detail, resulting in the most glamorous, feminine and bespoke pieces. All of her work is  individually tailored to her client’s requirements offering quality assured customer service.  She graduated from Norwich University of the Arts in 2010 with a Bachelor of the Arts Honours degree  in Textiles. Shortly after graduating Jessica began seeking valuable experience within the fashion  industry completing an internship with a very high profile Tweed brand Holland Cooper. After  completing her internship Jessica sought experience in an array of fields within the fashion industry to  broaden her knowledge and build upon her skills.  Jessica has had a love of horses from a very young age and has competed all over the country from  the age of twelve. Not wanting to move to London to pursue her career in fashion and sacrifice her love  for horses, she strived to build a small business that would compliment her two favourite disciplines.  After being approached to trim a hat to colour match an outfit for the Races everything seemed to fall  into place, and this is where the journey began.